Dream Island Sardinia

Sardinian beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. The climate is almost outrageously good and in only 2 hours by plane you can reach this holiday paradise from rainy Central Europe.

Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean and a breathtaking natural beauty of enormous scenic variety: the highest mountains rise up to almost 2000 metres, rugged rock ridges alternate with elongated mountain slopes and deep gorges. Fertile coastal plains merge into lovely hilly countryside, bizarre rocky landscapes seem to originate from foreign planets. Desert-like dune formations glisten in the sun and lonely plateaus turn into a single carpet of flowers in spring. Away from the cities, one hears nothing but the wind rushing through the macchia. Wild and pristine, Sardinia still offers untouched nature. Between lonely mountain villages wild boars and deer roam through dark cork oak forests. Wild horses gallop through enchanted marshlands and pink flamingos cavort in shallow lagoon lakes.

And then there's this stunning sea. Sardinia has almost 2000 km of coastline full of natural highlights. Spectacular cliffs drop hundreds of meters vertically into a turquoise sea. Romantic, small bays and endless sandy beaches invite you to take a bath. Sardinia has hundreds of beaches, one more beautiful than the other. In the offshore archipelagos, one occasionally sees dolphins speeding through the crystal clear water.

And if this wasn't enough: the sun almost always shines. Sardinia is closer to the North African coast than to the Italian motherland. Here in the extreme south of Europe the winters are particularly mild and in summer it hardly ever rains. Statistically seen there are for example in the capital Cagliari in the whole month July exactly 0.5 (!) rainy days. Of course, there are also the suitable bathing temperatures, which are in summer at about 24°C water temperature and 30°C air temperature in the daily average.

But Sardinia offers much more than just beach, nature and sea. Here traditions are still alive and so you can discover a fascinating culture with all its peculiarities: a cuisine as original as it is delicious, colourful processions, breakneck equestrian festivals and many other exciting things. Everywhere you will find the proverbial Sardinian hospitality. Lively cities lure with wonderful old towns, romantic narrow lanes and many attractions. And Sardinia's soil is soaked with history. Almost everywhere you can find the traces of long past epochs, which reach from Romans and Phoenicians to the Stone Age: mysterious nuraghi, thousands of years old rock tombs and much more.

"La Sardegna è un continente"  say the Sardinians: Sardinia is a whole continent...

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